High blood cholesterol concentration is the most important risk factor for cardiovascular disease, number one cause of death worldwide. Current trial-and-error approach in finding the right medication takes years and leaves patients at high risk for heart attacks.

It has been shown that  people respond differently to lipid-lowering therapy most patients do not achieve their blood cholesterol target levels. There is significant intraindividual variation in response to treatment that highlights the importance of personalized treatment strategies.

We have a unique solution that sheds light into why some people respond differently to lipid-lowering drugs opening new ways for personalized medicine. Moncyte is the next level decision making tool to revolutionize the treatment of high cholesterol patients and save lives.

Moncyte analyzes patient’s complete cellular mechanism and is able to pinpoint those patients that will do well with regular statin therapy and those that would need more effective therapy from the start saving a lot of time and cardiovascular events.

This allows us to establish novel personalized medicine applications for high cholesterol, easing the selection of the optimal treatment strategy for individual patients. This can lead to more patients achieving their treatment goals faster, reducing cardiovascular risk and saving lives.